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Train With Ross is a training company specializing in swimming.  Here at Train With Ross we look to improve performance by analysing and improving technique, building strength and creating better training patterns.


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I have had my first swimmer complete the English channel.  This is someone who 4 years ago could not swim front crawl, they have now completed 22 miles as part of a 4 person team from Dover to Calais.  They use the sessions to improve technique and become more efficient. I look forward to helping  make them faster in their future challenges.

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I have already worked with a past paralympic champion who uses the session for fitness and thoroughly enjoys the challenges set to make them feel like they are still progressing even though not now at the level they once were.


I am Ross Clewlow the head coach at Train With Ross.  I have been a competitive swimmer for 20+ years, a swimming teacher for 10+ years and a coach for 10+ years. I hold a degree in sport science and coaching.

I set up Train With Ross in 2016 as a father of 2 to be able to choose my working hours and be able to spend more time with my family, as life gets busier I don't want to miss my children's childhood.

I am fully insured to teach and coach with the qualifications I have gained from Swim England (formerly Amateur Swimming Association)

I am teaching swimmers who have never been in the water up to coaching swimmers who are taking part in national competition.