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Spaces are available on a first come first served basis. Swimmers will be wanting to compete and therefore a suitable standard.  This camp only concentrates on starts and turns!

Swim Clinic

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Use new drills, techniques and different methods and equipment to bring the best out of every individual.  Make yourself stronger, less resistant and more importantly faster in just a day.  Build on skills to improve in every area of the pool.


An intensive course to improve starts and turns of all strokes to be able to race faster. Can take swimmers from the start of their racing life to being the best they can be.  You will not become an Olympic champion without hard work and that is why this one day course is hard but beneficial.

Discounts available! please enquire.

  • Pre County Championship Starts and Turns camp - Bedford 2nd Jan, St Albans 3rd Jan 2020
  • Competitive swimmers aged 7 - 16 yrs
  • 4 hours pool time a day
  • ​Land work outs
  • video analysis, strength training, psychology and nutrition
  • Venue: Bedford School or St Albans School
  • 25m pool
  • Excellent facilities
  • 6 per lane max.
  • 8 per coach max.
  • Cost: £80​ per swimmer per day


9 AM - 5 PM

swim clinic

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"Brilliant as ever! Ross makes learning the techniques properly fun and tailored for each swimmer. Having Ross in the water demonstrating made all the difference. 
I would highly recommend Ross and his team." KR Aug 18


St Albans

9 AM - 5 PM