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Private small group session

Small group session are in a standard pool with blocks if required.  A small group can be from 2 or as many as 16 across 2 lanes.  I would not recommend a group of 16 as not enough time will get spent on each individual and therefore I would recommend a group of 10 with 5 in each lane.  This is a great way to get started and challenge yourself as you have someone to train with and for the competitive ones out there it is a way to push yourself that little harder in a session.

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private tuition

Private individual session

Individual sessions can be in either a main pool or an endless pool.

Benefits of a main pool are confidence of having been in something similar before and the use of walls to practice starts and turns.  Easier to start with as the use of streamlining and basic water confidence are easier to obtain. Sessions start from £25 for 30 mins.

Benefits of an endless pool are more swimming is required as you never reach the end for a turn.  The swim is more consistent as the speed of water flowing at you is set and therefore does not change. It is better than setting a session in a pool where intensity and speed can be changed every length. It also makes filming your stroke easier and therefore getting better results when looking at the videos of the stroke.  The pool used has a multi camera setup  with link to computer for instant, delayed or recorded feedback. Ideal for stroke improvement!

Photo by Tadcaster swim squad

Not actual pool. Photo by Swimming World

Photo by Team Bath