Feel you are not getting the rewards for what you are putting into your training?

Train smarter with planned, goal orientated sessions that work in a plan to suit you.


This starts from the smallest part which is goal setting all the way up to multi yearly training cycle programs.  If you need help on what to train when and how to train when then you need to get in contact to get you started.

All online coaching is customized to the athletes needs but the common options are:

Goal setting

4 week plan

3 month plan

6 month plan

12 month plan


During this time you may see a plateau in improvement and this could be down to technique.  This can also be improved by the help of stroke analysis that can also be done online.  You would video your swimming from as many of the following; above, side above water, side below water, front above water, front below water.  This would then need to be made visible to the coach, either by upload or sent to.  The coach would then analyse the video and show where to make changes for improvement.  The analysis can then be sent or shared back with the swimmer or be talked through with the swimmer via video conversation.

​All online coaching is customized to the individual and so is the price so please contact us for more information.

​Prices start from goal setting at £15

This can be partnered with other services so that attendance at a stroke clinic, endless pool session, can then have a follow up program or further analysis on the stroke.


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