We have a variety of options for endless pool sessions to accommodate every swimmer, from learner to elite and everything in between.

  • 10 mins - video of swim, up to 3 key points to improve - £15
  • 15 mins - as above plus drills to improve the key points highlighted - £20
  • 20 mins - as above plus video of you practicing the drills, video of 2nd swim showing improvement - £25
  • 30 mins - full session including videos of swimming, videos of you doing the corrective drills, up to 2 key points on each of body position, kick, arms and breathing - £32.50
  • 60 mins - as above with more practice time, more drills, more video and more improvement - £60

for a booking of 10 mins a minimum of 3 people need to book. for a booking of 15 mins a minimum of 2 people need to book.  for a booking of 20 mins a minimum of 2 people need to book.

Not actual pool. Photo by Swimming World.


Endless Pool Sessions

Endless pool swimming is like running on a treadmill with the water moving and the swimmer swimming to stay in the same position relative to the end of the pool.  Endless pool swimming can be really good for improving technique as its easy to view and has cameras for video analysis and easy visual feedback.

endless pool
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